Artist Statement


The basic idea employed in my work is an expression of harmonic abstract relationship in a structural, rational all-over patterning. A method of internalizing the external – a search for harmony. The contemporary 21st century “spirit” demands greater clarity.

Many of the artists I share concerns with are no longer alive. Several artists have influenced my work through the years, including Clyford Still, Van Doesberg, Jesse Reichek, Louise Nevelson, Mondrian, Frank Stella, Sam Francis, and Mark Tobey.

I have come to consider my core all-over small piece painting technique as part of the continuing legacy of Jackson Pollack’s free, expressive script.

My earlier paintings also express an Eastern conception of painting and strains of French Cubism.

However, my recent paintings are more or less a return to handmade painting of a gestural mode/style in contrast with years of employing a flat geometric all-over method of painting. I am attempting to give emotional resonance to my constructive geometry. Working directly again . . . a kind of exultation is released from the severity of my past geometrics. I am a painter working by trial and error and continually revising the elements of my compositions until they conform to the specifications of my feelings.

Investigating the expressive power of my medium – paint – has been a consuming practice. I hope we shall enjoy quality retinal-painting that evokes the universal human beauty of abstract-real sign.